Digital Humanities for Social Justice Workshop

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Saturday, Oct 29, 2022


01:00 PM to 04:00 PM

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Celeste Lee, PhD

Fernando Esquivel-Suarez, PhD

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Dear academic community,

With the support of the Social Justice Program and the AUC Data Science Initiative, we would like to invite you to the second session of the Digital Humanities for Social Justice Workshop.

This Saturday (10/29), Prof. Allen Hillery will facilitate a session on mapping, data visualization, and digital storytelling. Please, find below the materials for the session and general information about the workshop. No previous attendance required!

General Resources

In preparation for the session, please:

1. Read Vera Incarceration Trends Methodology and download the county level data as a CSV or Excel file on their github. You can also read about the project history and other documentation there.

2. For the enrollment by county by grade level for the Georgia Dept of Education they can go to this form and download the data they want by county.

3. For Ida B Wells Red Record, I have created an Excel file that I have attached to this email. It lists out the lynchings of 1893 and the ones for murder in 1894.

Download for Workshop (Lynchings)