Faculty Name

Alexandria Hadd, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor



Office Location

Giles Hall 304


Ph.D., Psychology, Vanderbilt University
M.S., Psychology, Vanderbilt University
B.S., Psychology and Mathematics, Oglethorpe University


Data, and the statistics that are used to communicate with data, form the skeleton of the body of research that helps move society forward and inspire individuals. Teaching statistics and related skills -- coding, graphing, analytic thinking, numeracy confidence – is a joy because I get to empower people on their journey to becoming better researchers, writers, and consumers of research and writing.

I also get to collaborate with research teams across the social sciences to investigate ways to improve lives. In the past, I have worked on projects about education, social services, home environments, and language development. I have used an array of statistical techniques to research these topics: regression, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, and good old-fashioned correlations.

In the future, I hope to focus on projects that further improve the human experience, especially in terms of emotional, social, and financial well-being. I am especially excited to be joining the academic and community-minded faculty at Spelman to do this work.

Outside of research and teaching, I enjoy volunteering with organizations which promote sustainability, financial independence, and food security. In my free time, I can often be found hiking, going to art and music shows, and discovering new cafes.

Courses Taught

Statistics I

Research Interests

As a quantitative psychologist, I am interested in correlational data analysis, meta-analysis, and structural equation modeling methods. I apply these methods to data with an emphasis on prosocial outcomes.