Faculty Name

Michael McGinnis, Ph.D.


Associate Professor





Office Location

Albro-Falconer-Manley Science Center 243


Ph.D., Yale University
B.S., Sam Houston State University
A.G.S., Central Texas College

Courses Taught

Bio 112 General Biology II and Lab
Bio 485 Senior Seminar
Bio 372 Neurobiology

Research Interests

My general interest is in growth and regeneration in the nervous system. Growing or regenerating nerve cells and their processes must be able to determine and control the direction of their growth or migration. Specifically, I am interested in the role of intracellular calcium in the extension of neuronal growth cones. Specifically, I am studying how applied and endogenous DC electric fields can affect calcium gradients within growth cones, and the subsequent effect these changes have on development and regeneration. I use ratio imaging and confocal techniques to study the distribution of calcium within growth cones.


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Cork , R.J., M.E. McGinnis, J. Tsai, and K.R. Robinson. 1994. The growth of PC12 neurites is biased towards the anode of an applied electrical field. "Journal of Neurobiology" 25: 1509-1516.

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