Faculty Name

Monica Stephens, Ph.D.


Associate Professor





Office Location

Albro-Falconer-Manley Science Center 323


Ph.D., Brown University
Sc.M., Brown University
B.S., Spelman College

Courses Taught

Intermediate Algebra
Pre-Calculus I, II
Applied Calculus I
Calculus I, II
Linear Algebra and Applications    
Foundations of Math
Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics
Numerical Analysis
Complex Variables

Research Interests

General: Geophysical fluid dynamics, physical oceanography and numerical solutions of PDEs. Specific: Air/sea/sea/ice interactions, ocean mixed-layer dynamics, decadal thermocline variability and climate change.


Stephens, M., Z. Liu and H. Yang (2001), Evolution of subduction planetary waves with application to North Pacific decadal thermocline variability, Journal of Physical Oceanography, vol. 31, pp.1733-1746.

Stephens, M. and Z. Liu (2001), The response of the upper ocean to surface buoyancy forcing: A characteristic solution to wave propagation , Contemporary Mathematics: Council for African American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences: Vol III, vol. 275., Ed. A. Noel, E. Barnes and S. Stephens, pp. 117-128. 

Stephens, M., R. Oglesby, and M. Maxey (2003), A one-dimensional mixed-layer ocean model for use in three-dimensional climate simulations: Control simulation compared to observations, Journal of Climate, (accepted). 

Oglesby, R., M. Stephens and B. Saltzman (2003) , The influence of ocean thermocline temperatures on the earth's surface climate, Journal of Climate (accepted).