Faculty Name

Tracy Curry Owens, Ph.D.







Office Location

Giles Hall 307


Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A.., Hampton University


Dr. Tracy Curry Owens has primarily worked as an academician and researcher. She has interests and expertise in personality psychology, social determinants of health, women’s and reproductive health, community-based participatory research, and health equity.

She has considerable expertise in research, evaluation, technical advisement, health education, and health promotion. Dr. Curry Owens has presented and written about her work on race and gender, depression, pregnancy outcomes, stress and coping, and chronic disease in African-American women at local colloquia, scientific meetings, and public health publications.

Dr. Curry Owens’ teaching interests reflect her passion for research and the application of psychological principals and methodology to ensure psychological well-being for individuals and communities. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes the responsibility to equip students with the tools necessary achieve academic success and conveys a passion for the study of psychology. In the classroom, Dr. Curry Owens promotes thinking critically about the course material and the application of concepts and methods to a greater context of student’s lives.

Courses Taught

General Psychology for Non-majors
Personality Psychology
Statistics in Psychology
Research Methods Lab
Statistics in Psychology Lab
FYE 101: First Year Experience
PSY 201L: Introduction to Psychological Science I Lab

Research Interests

Psychosocial factors and social determinants of health
Social determinants associated with racial disparities in health
Reproductive health outcomes for African-American women
Community health promotion and community capacity building
Health equity and building healthy communities
Community advocacy and social equity
Behavioral health interventions
Community-based participatory research